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Generic Name (Trade Name—Company)
April 1, 2011

Nevirapine extended-release

(Viramune XR—Boehringer Ingelheim)
Treatment of HIV-1 infection


Treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults in combination with other antiretroviral agents

This new formulation is a once-daily 400-mg tablet. Approval was based on data that showed that nevirapine 400 mg extended-release tablets were noninferior to twice-daily dosing with the immediate-release 200-mg tablets over a 48-week period. For patients switching from immediate-release nevirapine to the extended-release formulation, the manufacturer recommends an immediate conversion with no lead-in dosing needed. For treatment-naive patients, therapy must be initiated with one 200-mg immediate-release tablet daily for the first 14 days; patients able to tolerate this therapy can then be switched to the 400-mg extended-release tablets.